Faith and Politics

given by Mark Oglesby, Senior Dean and AP U.S. Government Teacher I am about to talk about the two things we are generally advised not to talk about in group settings - Religion and Politics. For those who don’t know, I teach Government and have done so for 20 plus years. I have to admit,... Continue Reading →

“A proud Latina girl”

Reflection given by Senior Alejandra De La Cruz Hi, my name is Alejandra I am president of the Latinos Unidos club and I was asked to come up here today to talk about my personal experience with being a female Latina here at ESD and in today's world. When I first arrived to ESD, I... Continue Reading →


Given by Christian King, Honor Council Member Good morning, I would like to begin with a Bible story that I’m sure most of us are all familiar with, and the version I read today is from a children's Bible. “What a nice day for my walk to Jericho,” the man thought. He walked slowly, enjoying... Continue Reading →

ESD Woes

ESD Woes (inspired by Chapter 9 in Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Accidental Saints) Gospel of Luke 6:20-26 Today’s Gospel lesson is from Luke chapter 6, part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain. Both Matthew and Luke share Jesus’ central teaching of the beatitudes, the blessings, but only Luke mentions the woes. Usually, on this first official Eucharist,... Continue Reading →


Each time we gather for worship in All Saints Chapel, we wonder about how to put God's gift of love at work in our lives. Every month, we focus on a specific virtue and how when we live it out, we reflect God's love toward all. We begin the year wondering about the virtue of... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading

My stack of summer reading books keeps growing. The habits I learned as a child, who ran to the library book mobile each week to check out as many books as I could, continue to affect how I spend my summer months. As I grow older, the books on my stack tend to be given... Continue Reading →

Waves of change

Another year of worship and prayer and wondering together has come to its end. In my final reflection with the Middle School, I began with the question "Do you think you can change?" I invited us all to wonder about our first day in All Saints Chapel up until our final day together. Heads began... Continue Reading →

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